Offer and Manage Essential Skills Course

As per the decision taken in the 69th Academic Council, Career Services Office in collaboration with Student Affairs Office is offering and managing Essential Skills course from Fall 2020.
To the students being in a university is exciting and new, but it can also be stressful and difficult to manage and balance between their work and personal lives.  The purpose of learning Essential Skills is to help the students on their way down the university path of ups and downs. These skills will cover some major barriers of the students' transition period from higher secondary education to university and help them by guiding to overcome those barriers; as well as how to stay healthy and happy in both physically and mentally. It will also help the students to cope with the new environment as well as new people from different background. They will learn tolerance and the beauty of diversity while working in groups. The students will also get opportunities to groom themselves for professional lives. The students will be able to get the most from university and ensure their academic success while becoming responsible citizens of the country.

The Essential Skills course consists of four modules that will have 24 classes (4 modules X 6 classes for each module = 24 class topics). All four modules of Essential Skills course are mandatory for the students starting from Fall 2020. Following are the details of the modules –

Module 1: ESK 1110 – Study Skills

  • Class 1: Getting Organized to Study
  • Class 2: Developing Reading Skills and Note Taking
  • Class 3: Writing Skills
  • Class 4: MS Word and MS Excel
  • Class 5: Group Work and Presentation
  • Class 6: Preparing for Exams and Time Management

Module 2: ESK 1111 – Healthy Life Skills

  • Class 1: Nutritional Essentials
  • Class 2: Healthy Sleeping
  • Class 3: Stress Management and Self Care
  • Class 4: Keeping Safe and Dealing Risky Behaviors
  • Class 5: Respecting Rules and Policies
  • Class 6: Mindfulness 

Module 3: ESK 1112 – Social Skills

  • Class 1: Building Relations with Family
  • Class 2: Building Relationship with Others
  • Class 3: Respecting People
  • Class 4: Conflict Resolution and Mediation 
  • Class 5: Anger Management
  • Class 6: Developing Leadership Skills

Module 4: ESK 1113 – Professional Skills

  • Class 1: CV and Cover Letter Writing
  • Class 2: Business Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Class 3: Corporate Grooming: Attire, Manner and Etiquette 
  • Class 4: Preparing for Interview and Mock Interview
  • Class 5: Finance for Non-Finance People
  • Class 6: HRM for Non-HRM People