Remote Access

  • Can I access online resources of the library from home?

    ULAB Library provides remote access to JSTOR through Google sign-in with ULAB email. User can read and download peer-reviewed journal articles, case studies, book chapters, and reports from JSTOR with their ULAB email.

Lending service

  • Who can be a member of the ULAB Library?

    ULAB students, faculty members, BoT members, administrative members are entitled to become library members. Anyone else can become a community member, at the discretion of the university authority.

  • What is the membership procedure of the ULAB library?

    A user must have an official ULAB ID card for Library Membership. 
    The library will provide a temporary ID card to part-time faculty members, Community users, and alumni. They should apply (application form available at Library) to the library with one passport size and one stamp size photograph.

  • How many days can I keep the borrowed books/resources?

    - Undergraduate student – 2 books for 3 days and 1 CD/DVD for 1 day
    - Graduate student – 2 books for 7 days and 1 CD/DVD for 3 days
    - Faculty Member- 4 books for the semester & 2 books for 14 days and 5 CD/DVD for 7 days
    - Staff Member – 2 books for 3 days and 1 CD/DVD for 1 day

  • What is the lending or borrowing procedures of library materials?

    At the time of borrowing Library materials, users have to carry an individual ID card. After collecting the required material user will go to the circulation section and will give the resource to the circulation officer. Then the officer will perform the rest of the formalities and will provide the resource to the user as lending.

  • What materials can I borrow from the library?

    You can borrow books and audio-visual materials from the library.

    Can I borrow the daily Newspaper from Library? 
    You can use the newspaper within the library and can also borrow the newspaper as a short loan for making photocopy only.

    Can I borrow the Journal/Periodicals from Library? 
    You can use the journal within the library and can also borrow the journal as a short loan for making photocopy only.

    Can we borrow the Map & Atlas from Library? 
    You can use the Map & Atlas within the library only.

    Can I get the course outline from the library?  
    Email us mentioning the course title, course code, semester, and faculty name.

    Can I borrow a book from the new arrival section? 
    You can use new arrival section books within the library. You can borrow it after the book is transferred to the general shelf.

  • What can a user do if he/she lost a book?

    Book/resource will be replaced by the user with the same or latest edition. The borrower will be liable for the full replacement cost and accumulated fines of the item borrowed if the resource is not replaced. The replacement cost of any item will be decided by the library authority and plus 20% will be added as service charge.

  • How can I submit the library fine?

    Library fine will be integrated with your URMS account. Pay the fine to the Accounts office.

    Can I apply for a waiver of the library fine? 
    Please apply to the librarian for a fine waiver.

Turnitin service

  • How can I get Turnitin account?

    If you are enrolled in a course that requires a plagiarism check, your supervisor/ course teacher will add you to a Turnitin class and you will receive an email notification. 
    Or, your supervisor/ course teacher will share a Turnitin class ID & Enrollment key so that you can enroll yourself from www.turnitin.com

  • How can I check my paper’s plagiarism/similarity through Turnitin from the Library?

    To check from the library, please follow the instructions.

    i. For personal use, you can check from google docs> extension> Turnitin draft coach. A Turnitin account is not required to check the similarity of your paper through Google Docs. 
    ii. In order to use ULAB Turnitin, you need to be enrolled in a course that requires a plagiarism check. Ask your supervisor/course teacher for the Class Enrollment Key and Class ID. 
    iii. If your paper is written for publications i. e. article, book chapter, etc., you can check from the library as a part of research support.

    Please visit the library to get the service.

Thesis/ Dissertation/ Internship Report

Library amenities

  • What is the Library hour?

    Sunday – Thursday    |    9:00 am – 4:30 pm (During Covid-19)

    Campus-A Library 
    Saturday – Thursday    8:30 am – 9:30 pm
    Friday                         |   9.00 am - 9.30 pm

    Permanent Campus Library
    Sunday – Thursday    |  8:30 am – 5:30 pm
    Friday                         |  9.00 am - 12.30 pm
    (Saturday closed)

  • What types of material can I keep in the Pigeonhole?

    Pigeonhole is the area adjacent to the library where students drop their belongings for entering the library.
    You can keep only Baggage in the Pigeonhole. Never keep your wallet or any expensive material in your baggage such as laptop, ornaments, etc.

  • Can I use personal books in the library?

    You can use a personal book in the group study room of the library. Besides, you can bear personal books in the permanent campus library registering at the circulation section which is not available in the library.


Library Database OPAC

  • Is there any facility of book reservation for the users?

    Users can reserve the required book using their OPAC account. The library will hold the reserved book and the user have to pick up the book on that certain date. Otherwise, the hold request will be canceled, and the book will be available for the other users.

BBRI service

  • What is BBRI?

    Bangladesh Business Reference Initiative (BBRI) is a databank that contains collections of time series data and publications of DSE-listed companies.

Article service

  • From which source can I get an article?

    You can request an article from the subscribed online resources, open-access resources, the archive of other private universities or institutions of Bangladesh and abroad.

Requisition/ Purchase request

  • How to rise requisition of library resources?

    All Library users can rise requisition. Faculty members will raise requisitions of library learning resources based on departmental requirements. Students and admin staff may raise requisition for their requirements. Book Requisition Form (PDF/Word file) is available at Library websites.

General service

  • Why do I need video consultancy.

    You can contact us if you need a visual solution to your problem or you can receive virtual training through the Google Meet Platform.