GED Courses

GED Core (7 Courses/ 21 Credits)

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Course Title


Basic English and Learning Skills

Fundamentals of English I

Fundamentals of English II

Bangladesh Studies

Bangla Bhasha

Introduction to Computer Studies

World Civilization

Note: Placement in English courses will be based on diagnostic tests. Candidates achieving high marks in the English diagnostic tests will be exempted from ENG101 and ENG102. They may take optional courses in lieu of the specified English courses.


GED Electives (3 courses / 09 credits)

Students eligible to take a GED Elective must choose one of the GED electives from the courses provided in a specific term. Students are required to select one course from each of the three sets offered.


Arts and Humanities

Course Code Course Title
GED 202 History of Bangla Literature
GED 206 Introduction to Philosophy I
GED 210 Foreign Language
GED 211 Introduction to Photography
GED 212 Ethics
GED 213 Introduction to the History of Linguistic
GED 216 Introduction to Bengali Language and Literature
GED 221 Introduction to Drama
GED 222 Current and Contemporary Art Forum
GED 224 Film History
GED 225 Archaeology of Bangladesh
GED 263 Modern Bangla Literature (1)
GED 302 History of World Art and Architecture
GED 303 Introduction to Dance
GED 308 Introduction to Philosophy II
GED 311 Bangla for Print Media
GED 312 Bangla for Electronic Media
GED 322 Modern Bangla Literature (2)
GED 323 Logic
GED 339 Introduction to Music
GED 401 Imagining the Global Eighteenth Century Art
GED 409 Literature of Bangladesh
GED 410 Introduction to Performing Arts
GED 411 Objectivity and Its Loss
GED 418 South Asian Art and Architecture
GED 429 The Visual Culture of South Asian Women
GED 438 Origin and Development of Bangla Language
GED 439 Science Perceptions and Reality
GED 451 Qazi Nazrul Islam: Life and Works
GED 452 Rabindranath Tagore: Life and Works
GED 461 Religion
ENG 105 Introduction to Linguistics
ENG 412 Bestseller Fiction


Social Sciences

Course Code Course Title
GED 203 Evolutionary theory and Human behavior
GED 204 Cultural Heritage of Bangladesh
GED 205 Introduction to Sustainable Development
GED 207 Principles of Economics
GED 208 Introduction to Sociology
GED 210 Introduction to Social Studies
GED 215 Introduction to Political Thought
GED 223 Global Political Economy
GED 262 Principles of Cultural Anthropology
GED 301 Development Studies
GED 304 Anthropology and Global Social Problems
GED 305 International Human Rights
GED 309 Classical Sociological Theory
GED 324 Experiencing the Past
GED 325 Economic Development and Social Change
GED 334 International Law
GED 335 Globalization and Social Conflict
GED 338 International Relations
GED 340 International Trade
GED 356 Urbanization and Ancient Cities
GED 416 Business Ethics and Leadership
GED 417 Global Migration and Citizenship
GED 419 Ethnic Identity and Nationalism
GED 441 Globalization
GED 443 Gender and Society
GED 444 Women Studies
GED 453 Living with Conflict
GED 462 Social Theory and Methods of Social Research
GED 466 Who Owns the Past?


Science and Mathematics

Course Code Course Title
GED 209 Environmental Science
GED 214 Mathematics
GED 231 History and Methods of Science
GED 233 Introduction to Science Studies
GED 234 Introduction to Mind and Behaviour
GED 232 Introduction to Psychology
GED 336 Environmental Impact Assessment