Internship/ Project

In their final term at ULAB, students will be placed in an organization as an intern to appreciate and experience the dynamics of working in a real organization. In addition to carrying out activities required by the organization, students will have to complete a project which will be assigned by the organization or the students internship supervisor at ULAB. The period of internship attachment will normally be 8 weeks, followed by 4 weeks assigned for report writing. The report will be submitted sometime in the final exam week for that particular term. Students will be required to present and defend the report before a panel of examiners. The Internship Report will be graded and will carry 6 credits.

The selection of the internship organization will be done in Term 11, either by the students themselves (subject to the ULAB approval) or with the assistance of ULAB. Students will also need to select an Internship Supervisor from amongst ULAB faculty in Term 11.

If for any reason, an internship cannot be arranged, students will be required to undertake a term-long project work under the guidance of a supervisor. The project paper will be defended and graded in the same way as the Internship Report.