ITO Objectives

To provide information technology infrastructure that meets the needs of the university to communicate both internally and externally and to connect with informational resources effectively, efficiently, ethically and securely.

To plan, develop, implement, manage and improve the integration of Information Technology System and Tools that will further enhance productivity and efficiently.

To provide and excellent, accessible, reliable and secure Information Technology infrastructure, facilities and services.

To enhance university research, teaching and learning by providing information resources, the application of technology and the pursuit of progressive, collaborative initiatives driven by the strategic plans of the university.

To provide consultation and advice in the formulation of a robust Information Technology policy and guidelines for implementation.

To provide support services that meet the needs of students, faculties, staffs and the broader university communities.

To impart training facilities / workshops / seminars / conferences to be arranged by the university or some others corporate bodies.

To improve university administration through effective information and technology management.

To hold different local and international competitions in ICT field.