MBA Sample Course Distribution

The MBA program consists of seven foundation courses, three workshops, five core courses, four concentration courses & one capstone course

Program Structure

Foundation Courses 7 21 credits
Workshops 3 6 credits
Core Courses 5 15 credits
Concentration Courses 4 12 credits
Capstone Courses 1 3 credits
Total 20 57 credits

Foundation Courses and Workshops (10 Courses, 27 Credits)
These courses will allow the students to understand the basics of business & management and fill in any lacking that they have before moving into functional courses. The students may get a course waiver depending on their previous academic attainments. Students must complete all foundation courses and workshops unless waived.

Foundation Courses (7 Courses, 21 Credits)

MBA 511 Financial Accounting
MBA 512 Management & Organization
MBA 513 Analytical Techniques
MBA 514 Micro Economics
MBA 515 Macro Economics
MBA 516 Management Accounting
MBA 517 Legal Issues in Business

Workshops (3 Courses, 6 Credits)

MBA 518 Communication Workshop
MBA 519 IT Workshop
MBA 520 Career Planning

Functional (Core) Courses (5 Courses, 15 Credits)
Students are required to complete each of the area specific core courses before taking concentration courses. The following five courses will cover all aspects of business management and provide students with managerial Human

HRM 501 Human Resource Management
MKT 501 Marketing Management
BGE 501 Business in the Global Environment
FIN 501 Financial Management
SCM 501 Operations Management

Concentration (Major) Courses (4 Courses, 12 Credits)
Concentration courses in Finance, Human Resources Management, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management will enable students to develop specialization in any of the specific fields. Students are required to complete necessary courses from one of the following concentration areas.


FIN 601 Investment Theory
FIN 602 Financial Institutions & Markets
FIN 603 International Financial Management
FIN 604 Corporate Finance

Human Resources Management

HRM 601 Manpower Planning & Personnel Policy
HRM 602 Training and Development
HRM 603 Compensation Management
HRM 604 Performance Management
HRM 605 Organization and Conflict Management


MKT 601 Consumer Behavior
MKT 602 Integrated Marketing Communication
MKT 603 Personal Selling and Sales Force Management
MKT 604 Brand Management
MKT 605 Digital Marketing
MKT 606 Marketing Research

Supply Chain Management

SCM 601 Total Quality Management
SCM 602 Logistics Management
SCM 603 Project Management
SCM 604 Principles of Supply Chain Management

Capstone Courses (3 Credits)
After successful completion of all foundation and core courses, students integrated the acquired concepts by a process of synthesis accomplished through the course Strategic Management.

MBA 700 Strategic Management

Double Major (4 Major Courses, 12 Credits)
MBA students are required to choose an area of concentration. Students may do dual concentration (Major). This will require additional one or two semesters, relevant additional courses, fees and other charges, as applicable.

Note 1: Minor/Optional Courses should be removed
Note 2: Foundation Courses/Workshops should be first then Functional/Core Courses