Minor/Optional Courses

Students are to complete five optional courses from any field, including Business Administration, subject to offering. If all five courses are from a particular field, other than Business Administration, the student will be deemed as a Minor in that field. If a student wishes to choose a Minor, the declaration should be made in his or her eight term.
Students from other departments wishing to do a Minor in Business Administration will be required to complete five courses as detailed below:

BUS 101 Introduction to Business
BUS 102 Principles of Accounting
BUS 205 Business Communication
Any one from
BUS 105 Introduction to Microeconomics
BUS 201 Introduction to Macroeconomics
BUS 202 Business Statistics 1
BUS 203 Principles of Management
BUS 207 Financial Accounting
BUS 208 Business & Legal Environment
BUS 209 Organizational Behavior
Any one from
BUS 104 Introduction to Finance
BUS 206 Principles of Marketing
BUS 301 Human Resource Management
BUS 304 MIS and e-Commerce