Risk-A-Verse: Poetry Recitation Contest

Risk-A-Verse: Poetry Recitation Contest

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, May 9, 2018
School of Arts & Humanities, Bachelor of Arts in English

On April 5, the Department of English & Humanities at ULAB organized a poetry recitation contest.

After weeks of practice under the guidance of Dr. Mahruba Tasneem, the participant students gathered at Campus B 406  for the event.

The Judges Panel was presided over by Prof. Kaiser Haq, the renowned poet and the Dean of Arts and Humanities of ULAB. Dr. Sohana Manzoor, a faculty member of DEH, assisted him with the verdict.

The students performed before an enthusiastic audience comprised of DEH students and faculty members. It was an occasion of much excitement and anticipation.

Shamael Mortuza, an 11th semester student of DEH, came out first. The second place was awarded to Priyanka Chowdhury of MSJ, and Sabrina Parvin Tuwa of the English Department won the third place. Each awardee received a certificate and prize money of Taka 1500.