ENG.LIT.MEET: DEH Inter-Batch Cultural Contest Held

ENG.LIT.MEET: DEH Inter-Batch Cultural Contest Held

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Thursday, December 6, 2018
School of Arts & Humanities, Bachelor of Arts in English

The Department of English and Humanities (DEH) at ULAB held the first inter-batch cultural competition called ‘Eng.Lit.Meet’ on December 6, 2018. The competition was a collective effort aimed at encouraging the students of DEH to take part in and demonstrate their extra-curricular skills and talents for this is the first event of its kind initiated by the department.

The event provided a fun and lively platform for the brilliant students of DEH to showcase and celebrate the many talents inherent in them. The batches put on a spirited display ranging from dramatic renditions of classical texts, experimental and theatrical charades on contemporary subject matters, intricately choreographed classical dance numbers and modern spin-offs, commanding poetry recitations, striking renditions of multilingual songs, and charming artworks that captivated the audience. The batches not only enjoyed performing their numbers and showcasing their skills, but were equally appreciative and supportive of other batches.  A sense of fun-filled and animated camaraderie was the mood of the day as the event was brought to a close over laughter, merriment and gaiety.

Professor Kaiser Haq, Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities, Professor Golam Sarwar Chowdhury, and Dr. Sohana Manzoor presided over as judges while the faculty members and students of DEH were in the audience. Muntasir Mamun, Assistant Professor of English, organized the event. He was ably assisted by Mehenaz Nigar, the TA to DEH, and the Fall 2018 Semester Event Committee members.

Batch 171 won the first prize of Tk. 8000, while Batch 152 became First Runner-Up, winning Tk. 5000, and Batch 172 bagged the Second Runner-Up prize of Tk. 1000.

Pictures from the Event: