ULAB School of Business won Junction Fellowship Award

ULAB School of Business won Junction Fellowship Award

Publish Date: 
Saturday, April 29, 2017
School of Business


Mr. Niaz Morshed Patwary, Assistant Professor, USB and Mr. Iftekhar Ul Karim, Lecturer, USB has recently won Junction Fellowship, sponsored by Edward M. Kennedy Center.. Junction is an initiative by Dnet – a leading Bangladeshi social enterprise. The Research Fellowship Program addresses the challenges and opportunities in the field of entrepreneurship growth and to accelerate the growth of homegrown innovations in Bangladesh.


The two projects led by ULAB faculty members are two of the four projects which got awarded for the first cohort of Junction Fellowship. A total of 30 projects were selected in the initial round, and 10 projects were short listed for presentation in front of a jury board comprised of industry experts and University Professors.

Assistant Professor Niaz Morshed Patwary project titled “Entrepreneurship Education’s Impact on the Success of Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem” will focus on analyzing the current state of Entrepreneurship Education in tertiary level and also look at the pedagogy of undergraduate level entrepreneurship courses. Two ULAB students Nezak Kazmi Chowdhury and Seheli Chamon will work on the same project as Research Assistant.

Lecturer Iftekhar Ul Karim and his cross-sectoral team comprising of members from academia, NGO and private sector will undertake the project titled “Success and Failure of Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Bangladesh: A Human Centered Design Approach”. Mr. Iftekhar’s co-researchers are Imran Newaz Khurshid and Sadia Naureen Huq, representing private sector and NGO respectively, for this multifaceted entrepreneurship project.