Professor Omar Rahman

Omar Rahman is a professor of Public Health and Demography. He is also the Dean of Research and the director of Center Health Population at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. He specializes in psychiatry, epidemiology, demography, and higher education management.





Dr. Shahaduz Zaman

Dr. Shahaduz Zaman is Senior Lecturer and reader in Medical Anthropology and Global Health at the Department of Global Health and Infection at Brighton and Sussex Medical School(BSMS). His research interests include hospital ethnography, Socio-cultural aspects of communicable and non-communicable diseases, death, dying and end of life, refugee health, role of art in health interventions, health policy and health systems in low income countries and medical history.



Dr. Janaka Jayawickrama

Dr. Janaka Jayawickrama is a Senior Lecturer in Community Wellbeing and a social anthropologist. He has a background in conducting research in multi-disciplinary and culturally diverse contexts.





Dr. Mia Perry

Dr. Mia Perry is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education, the co-director of The Sustainable Futures in Africa (SFA) Network and the Centre for Sustainable Solutions at the University of Glasgow. With a specialization in social art and literacies, her research activities focus on partnerships and methodologies for ethical international educational research, policy, and practice