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ULAB Library organizes training on Zotero for its graduate and undergraduate students, faculty members and researchers as well as aspirant candidates from other institutions.

avoid similarity/plagiarism

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Zotero User Guide – prepared by ULAB Library

Zotero (Reference management tool)


What is Zotero?
Zotero  is a reference management tool . It is free and usable with different web browser.

Why Zotero?

–     Collect, store and organize resources
–     Create citation and reference

Citation & Reference – Why ?

♦   gives extra credibility to work
♦   gives credit to the original author
♦   avoids similarity/plagiarism.

How to Install and use Zotero  

♦    Installation Guide
♦    Download Zotero
♦    Install Chrome Connector/Plugin
♦    Quick start guide
♦    Zotero Documentation
♦    Zotero Tutorials (Video)