Scanning service (chapter wise)

If the required e-copy is not available please contact with library through following e-mail for required scanned copy: [email protected]

Scanning service is one of the most important services for the users. ULAB Library provides scanning service to ULABians from books and journal or any other types of materials which are available in library stock. Library provides only a chapter or  20 pages (maximum)/10% of any books and an article of any journal.

How to request:

ULABians are eligible for this scanning request service. When the e-content of required resource is not available in the open source then we will provide scanned materials to the users  – please click on the following link and fill-up the form for getting the service.

request link:

– google form

Note: When you request through e-mail you must mention  the title, author, edition, chapter/page number, etc. of the book or journal in the email body.

The library will send the requested scanned material within the shortest possible time.
ULAB Library Database  – OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
User may browse the library database for checking the availability of the required resources.

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