Faculty Research Grant

To develop a cadre of active researchers, ULAB has been offering funds to conduct research in various areas. Hence, the Office of Faculty Research (OFR) at ULAB annually invites research proposals from full-time faculty members or researchers of the university. Research projects can be proposed in different areas of Science, Engineering, Technology, Business, Environment, Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Faculty members/researchers at ULAB are encouraged to address any cutting edge research idea which may be of their discipline or interdisciplinary in nature. According to the policy, research intents will be weighted based on their merit. Funds will be allotted accordingly. The selection process is, therefore, quite rigorous and each intent passes through various stages of evaluation.

The Selection Process:

  • The OFR issues a call for research proposals.
  • The OFR screens the submitted research intents to check for essential information and proper formatting. If an intent is submitted with wrong /incomplete data, it will be rejected.
  • Next, the OFR seeks suggestions from the Advisory Committee for potential reviewers who are assigned to review the research intents;
  • Reviewer’s feedback on the research intent is sent to the applicant if further explanations and/or revisions are required.
  • The OFR then shortlists intents and notifies the applicants about the outcome of their applications.
  • Based on the feedback on the shortlisted research intent, complete proposals need to be submitted for reevaluation.
  • Once the evaluation grades are recorded, the OFR sends the proposals to the Academic Ethical Committee.
  • The proposal is approved by the Academic Ethical Committee, unless it finds any concerning issues. All approved proposals are announced for the Research Award by the OFR and applicants are awarded during the Research Awarding Ceremony.