Afroza Akhter Toma (MA alumnus – 162 batch)

My educational journey throughout my BA (Hons) and MA has been wonderful. Frankly speaking, I have learned a lot from ULAB. I started with a lower CGPA but I was able to achieve an almost perfect CGPA by the end of my undergraduate program. That inspired me to the right path of completing my MA degree from the same university. Though the MA journey was a little hard, I strove to learn from this university. I wanted to grasp more and will miss those mind-blowing lectures from my DEH faculty members. I was the first from my batch at DEH to get a full-time job before finishing my undergraduate degree. This made my family and friends proud of me – and all credit goes to my ULAB. I want to pursue higher studies abroad and ULAB has given me the confidence to do so. I will miss ULAB!

- Afroza Akhter Toma (MA alumnus – 162 batch)