Khadija Rubaiyat Tasmia (142 Batch)

It was a sudden decision to take admission in DEH at ULAB after a long study break but it was the best decision of my life so far. I am now in California, living my dream, exploring culture and discovering a new Rubaiyat. I received the Community College Initiative Program scholarship sponsored by the United States Department of State for two semesters with an internship opportunity. I was a girl who had stage-fright and fear of public speaking. DEH has transformed me into a confident person who has worked as a host in conferences and events at ULAB and now I am participating in many events in the US. DEH is my dream center; every event and course they designed gave me great opportunities to ace my skills. I was able to achieve this because my DEH has motivated and guided me till the final procedure of this scholarship application. I cannot thank my department enough and I promise to make my department proud when I return.

- Khadija Rubaiyat Tasmia (142 Batch)