Mohammad Modasshir (Electronics & Telecom Engineering)

“During my student days at ULAB, I received more than I have ever given to ULAB. The teachers were always friendly and helpful. Events organized by both ULAB ETE and Electronics Club were something that immensely helped me reach where I am now. Classes were multifaceted not only for the way of teachers’ teaching method, but also for the lab works and hands-on experience. Classes were also very well structured. Our lab was full of state-of-the-art lab equipment.

“While providing quality education, ULAB should also be noted for the range of extra-curricular activities and active clubs. These clubs provide necessary mental and physical developing scope to all the students. Moreover, these clubs are get-together places for students from different disciplines.

“ULAB highly encourages students to be true human beings. With such noble objective in mind, it has made it mandatory for students of all disciplines to learn other social and theoretical aspects and skills through GED courses. It also enforces to take minor in other relevant discipline to take the skills of students to a higher degree.”


Md Modasshir - Mohammad Modasshir (Electronics & Telecom Engineering)
Software EngineerSamsung Bangladesh (R&D)(now studying in the USA)