Rezwan Akhter (Computer Science & Engineering)

Nowadays as I am working in a multicultural environment – where I need to make critical decisions, manage people with different mindsets, achieve goals within the allocated time and resources, and plan for the future – I often ask myself what was the triggering agent that drives and guides me to be a “professional” of this global world. Although there are multiple answers, I would always put ULAB at the top of the list, because of the solid foundation I received during my time there. I would consider ULAB as a complete package for its students, with ingredients from academic learning along with the blend of Liberal Arts, the excellent culture of learning and innovation and of course the co-curricular activities. As ULAB CSE has equipped me with all the necessary instruments, now it’s my turn to fly to my limits and identify my destiny.

Rezwan AkhterRezwan Akhter (Computer Science & Engineering)
Health Management Information System Consultant Unicef