Sifat E Shehrin Arin (Computer Science and Engineering)

“I found that ULAB was one step ahead. Not only the teachers from my department (Computer Science & Engineering) but also from the other departments were very helpful. They worked to make the classes interesting and interactive as well. Moreover, their doors were always open for the students’ welfare.

“The library of ULAB had been one of the greatest resources for us. It was well arranged and had a rich collection of books. Apart from academic books, there were story books, biographies, books on poems, CDs etc both in Bangla and English. The students could also access to a section of the library for listening audios as a part of their courses.

“Being a student of CSE, I have spent most of the time in the computer labs. All had adequate number of up-to-date PCs. There were also labs dedicated to students for programming and software development. Wi-Fi connections were available all over campus.

“ULAB always emphasized extra-curricular activities. I was a member of ULAB Computer Programming Club. We practiced programming under a professional trainer. The club also facilitated the students interested in contests like  national programming and cyber gaming contests.

“Our admin were very supportive and almost always had solution to our difficulties. They were always very active in working in due time. What I found good in ULAB is, in spite of being a big university, it continues to be well disciplined and maintain a congenial environment for both students and faculty members.”

Sifat-E-Shehrin-Arin - Sifat E Shehrin Arin (Computer Science and Engineering)