Track 1: Literature and Cultural Studies

Involving a broad understanding of issues as ideology, class, ethnicity, gender, environment, multiculturalism, and globalization, this program is essentially comparative, enabling students to relate literary imagination with the dynamics and creative energy of cultural traditions. Thus, it is a preparation to think creatively and travel across diverse scenarios.


Core Courses
(6 courses / 18 credits to be completed, and dissertation for 6 credits)

ENG 501 Research and Study Methods
ENG 502 Advanced Literary Theory
ENG 503 The Cultural Construction of Shakespeare
ENG 504 Literature and Media
ENG 505 Approaches to Cultural Theory
ENG 506 Reading Contemporary Transnational Literature
ENG 599 Dissertation*
*Non-Thesis Option: Students with a CGPA below 3.3 will not be allowed to write a dissertation. Instead they will take two courses as advised by the Department.

Electives (4/8 courses or 12/24 credits)
Students in the 1-year program choose any four of the courses from the list of electives.
Students in the 2-year program choose any eight of which some may be prerequisites for other courses.

ENG 515 Colonial and Postcolonial Discourses
ENG 516 Translation Studies
ENG 517 Reading Cultures
ENG 518 Writing for the Media
ENG 519 Studies in Popular Culture
ENG 520 Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG 521 Sociolinguistics (Req. for 3-year BA graduates/students of other disciplines)
ENG 522 Psycholinguistics (Req. for 3-year BA graduates/students of other disciplines)
ENG 523 Modern Poetry and Theory
ENG 524 Contemporary Literatures in English
ENG 525 Representing Gender: Women Writers
ENG 526 Old and Middle English Studies
ENG 527 The American Renaissance
ENG 528 Readings in 17th Century Literature
ENG 529 Literature and Ideas
ENG 530 Graphic Novels and Graphic Cultures
ENG 531 History of Ideas
ENG 532 Special Author Study and Literary Project/Linguistics Project
ENG 538 World Englishes
ENG 567: Digital Humanities
ENG 568: Language, Power and Gender
ENG 597 Independent Study/Colloquium