Track 2: Applied Linguistics and TESOL

In a rapidly changing world, our MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL program will prepare our students with the linguistic and pedagogic knowledge, the research and analytic skills, and confidence necessary to advance their careers as educators, teachers, researchers, or policy makers.


Core Courses
(6 courses / 18 credits to be completed, and dissertation for 6 credits)

ENG 507 Research Methods
ENG 509 Theories on First and Second Language Acquisition
ENG 511 English Language Learning and Teaching
ENG 512 Linguistics for English Language Teaching
ENG 539 Advanced Sociolinguistics
ENG 546 Teaching Practicum and Classroom Management
ENG 599 Dissertation*
*Non-Thesis Option: Students with a CGPA below 3.3 will not be allowed to write a dissertation. Instead they will take two courses as advised by the Department.

Electives (4/8 courses or 12/24 credits)
Students in the 1-year program choose any four of the courses from the list of electives.
Students in the 2-year program choose any eight of which some may be prerequisites for other courses.

ENG 508 English Grammar in Context
ENG 510 Critical Approaches to Syllabus Design
ENG 516 Translation Studies
ENG 532 Special Author Study and Literary Project/Linguistics Project
ENG 533 Language and Culture (Req. for 3-year BA graduates/students of other disciplines)
ENG 534 Language and Cognition (Req. for 3-year BA graduates/students of other disciplines)
ENG 535 Testing and Assessment for English Language Teaching
ENG 536 Technology and Learner Autonomy
ENG 537 Teaching Listening and Speaking
ENG 538 World Englishes
ENG 540 Materials Development for English Language Teaching
ENG 541 Teaching Skills Workshop
ENG 542 Contexts and Strategies for English Language Teaching
ENG 543 Statistics for Educational Research
ENG 544 Discourse Analysis and Pragmatics
ENG 545 Comparative Linguistics
ENG 567: Digital Humanities
ENG 568: Language, Power and Gender
ENG 570: Teaching English for Academic and Specific Purposes
ENG 572: Computer Assisted Language Learning/ ICT in TESOL
ENG 573: Language and Education: Policies and Practices
ENG 574: Management and Leadership in TESOL
ENG 575: TESOL for Special Needs
ENG 576: Teacher Development and Education
ENG 597 Independent Study/Colloquium