ULAB Electronics Club


Mission & Vision

The mission of the club is to bring the students out of their rooms and to expose them to the challenges awaiting them in the field of circuit design and hardware analysis. We not only aim at providing you with the basic knowledge of electronics but also help you to use the basic concepts to come up with something constructive and useful for the society. With this aim, we conduct lecture series, workshops and also assign projects to students and this cannot be possible without interest of the teachers of ETE Dept.

In this rapidly moving world, where everyday a new technology comes into existence, it is extremely hard to keep abreast with all the technical know-how. Electronics Club is available to all students interested in any kind of electronics & ICT related technologies, devices & news.  If the basic concepts of the “to be engineers” are intact then they can aim for the top.


M.T.Hasan Amin
ETE Department


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