ULAB Field Sports Club


The Field Sports Club at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh is comprised mainly of the Cricket and Football teams, but it may also include any other field-based sports as per the request of the students. Field Sports Club is formed by students who are motivated by a common interest and desire to participate in field-based sports activities. More broadly, participants can learn new skills, improve existing skills, engage in competition, or enjoy recreational and social fellowship. Field Sports Club is dedicated to the active participation of all ULAB students, both male and female, in sports.

The main activities of the Field Sports Club are to a field football and cricket team, as well as women’s sports teams, conduct coach-supervised practice, and hold intra- and inter-university sporting events at the university’s sports ground in Ramchandrapur, Mohammadpur. Other activities include participation in local and international tournaments. Duties include: promoting health and sports on campus, maintaining good relationships with other sports teams, overseeing field and equipment maintenance, scheduling, publicity, and fundraising.

Fair Play Cup

ULAB Field Sports Club hosts the annual ULAB Fair Play Cup Inter-Private University Cricket Tournament. The objective of the ULAB Fair Play Cup is to establish good relations among private universities and to create an atmosphere of enjoyment and fairness in competition.

Club Conduct

Members of Field Sports Club are expected to act in a mature and responsible manner both on- and off-campus and, especially, while participating in a club activity and while representing the university at any event. Members are bound by the ULAB Attendance Policy and are required to maintain all class attendance, as well as stay above academic probation.


Taufiq Aziz
Senior Manager, Admin


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