6th anniversary of ULAB TV



ULAB TV, an apprenticeship programme under the Department of Media Studies and Journalism, is the first-ever campus-based television in Bangladesh. It was launched on 27th June in 2013. This television station is run by its members who are the current students of ULAB. It provides them with the opportunity to learn by doing, and thus it facilitates peer teaching and active learning, which is the main essence of journalism education.


To produce multi-skilled professionals for fast-changing media market through hands-on training and active learning.

Learning Objectives:

Through project-based activities, ULAB TV members get a firm grip on…

  • News script writing
  • Camera operation
  • Video editing
  • Graphic designing
  • Programme production
  • Digital Story making
  • Mobile Journalism
  • News casting
  • Programme anchoring
  • Live reporting

ULAB TV team is taking an interview.



Every semester ULAB TV produces six episodes of one hour each. Every episode consists of…

Prime News Bulletin 10 minutes
News Plus Bulletin 10 minutes
Programme 10 minutes
Digital Story & MoJo reports 10 minutes
Promotional & Motion graphics 5 minutes
Course Work & Club Activities 15 minutes

[Prime News bulletin is made of news reports of campus events. News Plus bulletin comprises off-campus field and desk reports, while programme can be both fictional or non-fictional in nature, for example, drama, music video, documentary, talk or travel show.]


ULAB TV transmits a one-hour episode between 1pm and 2pm in designated TVs on permanent campus on four days a week during the semester – from Sunday to Wednesday, except the mid-term and the final exam week. A new episode is first screened on Tuesday and the repeat show is run for next three days- Wednesday of the same week and Sunday and Monday of the following week. Six new episodes are transmitted in six weeks before the mid-term exam week, while they are repeated in six other consecutive weeks after the mid-term till the final exam week in the same manner.

Shooting for news link


Editorial Policy:

  • ULAB TV covers on- and off-campus events purely for learning purpose.
  • ULAB TV does not produce promotional video or documentation.
  • Any request to cover any departmental event has to be approved by HoD.
  • Any request for raw footage has to be approved by HoD.
  • ULAB TV does not cover any religious or politically sensitive or controversial issue.
  • ULAB TV does not approve any story if it has minimum possibility to violate copyright online.
  • ULAB TV does not use any of its production for commercial purpose.


Room: 303, Building: A

ULAB Permanent Campus, Mohammadpur