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The ULABian is an apprenticeship programme at the Department of Media Studies and Journalism to hone real-life knowledge and skills of students so that they can work in the news media industry confidently and efficiently. Students at the programme learn the arts and crafts of journalism through hands-on practices beyond the classroom. Under the programme, a bilingual (Bangla and English) print newspaper is published once in each academic semester.


Bikash Ch. Bhowmick

Md. Aminul Islam

Vision, mission and goals

Vision: Decolonized minds through learning the arts and crafts of news storytelling. 

Mission: Nurturing future journalists and storytellers and making them ready for industry.                                   

Goals: To become a laboratory newspaper for producing ethical and competent journalists who will serve their organizations and the nation.

Editorial philosophy

The ULABian will not publish any content that contradicts with the mission, vision, rules and regulation of the University, and any laws of Bangladesh. It will also adhere to professional norms and ethics of journalism in creating and publishing content.

Themes/topics to cover

The content of the ULABian will be on any issues (such as Education, Health, campus, events, environment, culture and entertainment, and sports). However, content on political and religious issues or/and socially, culturally, and ethnically sensitive issues will not be published in any circumstance.

Language Style

Bangla Academy language style for Bangla section and British English for English section.

Frequency of publication  

One issue in each semester.   

Platform for publication

The main platform of the ULABian would be print version. However, a PDF copy of the printed content can be published on the website of the Department. 

The format and design

The ULABian publishes content of 24 pages (12 pages for Bangla and 12 English). The size of the paper is: (14.5 x 9.5) inch.        

Target audience

The target audience of the ULABian would be the university students, university management, professional journalists, and officials of other organizations where there is an opportunity of employability of students of the Department of Media Studies and Journalism, and the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB). The newspaper would be used as an instrument for branding and promoting the image of the ULAB.

Distribution/circulation strategy

The copies of the ULABian would be distributed through multiple channels such as students, office admins, mailing to potential employers, and other convenient modes.

Membership Policy

The ULABian is mostly dedicated for MSJ students. However, any students from other departments of the ULAB can join The ULABian.

12th March 2020 – Reading Session and Discussion. Reading Assigned: “Sultana’s Dream” by Begum Rokeya, originally published in Madras, 1905, in English

27th February 2020 – The Ulabian’s writing session conducted by the advisor.

16th, 22nd February 2020 Storytelling Workshop conducted by The EROTICS, a project funded by Asian for Progressive Communication (APC) hosted by The Ulabian at the Permanent Campus. Facilitators: Parsa Sanjana Sajid, Zahra Mayeesha and Saima Akhter Afsha.

Writing Session and discussion in Fall 2019

Quotes by Students on The Ulabian

Muhammad Ibrahim Mojid, 171012037

The ULABian is a place where one can learn how to think and how to apply it into real world situations. Instead of chasing for opportunities, you can create your own project here. This is beyond an apprenticeship program

Meer Iftakharul Hassan Ifty, 181012055

[ “The ULABian” is a place for students to develop their thinking. Here you can express your creativity through workshops, seminars, debating and writing. At the end of the day, this apprenticeship program will help you to build your portfolio and you will learn how to present yourself. ]


Jannati Ferdowsi Meem, 183012024

‘The ULABian is not just a newspaper.This program offers a platform for you to be yourself, to be creative, to be who you want to be.It also helps to portray your interests, your views and helps to show people who you are, what you think and believe. ‘


Zareen Anika Islam, 171012001

In The Ulabian, you will not only understand the inner workings of a campus based newspaper but also enjoy the rewarding experiences of teaching your fellow peers. The joy of seeing individuals grow and break out of their limitations is absolutely priceless and that is something you will see quite often, here at The Ulabian.


Nahian Jamal Joyeeta- 193012011

Once we start speaking our minds, and noting them down, it becomes necessary for some of it to smudge its ink over other minds. At The ULABian, you let that ink take the form and shape of immortality on its pages. Your mind needs space to flourish and blott, and here is where to find it.

Current Issue: Spring and Summer 2023

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