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    doe-2014The mainstay of co-curricular life at the university is its clubs. The clubs will maintain regular weekly activities to enhance skills and learning. The activities of clubs may include: educational field trips, workshops, seminars, games, concerts, intra- and inter-university competitions or tournaments, etc. The Co-Curricular Office will organize all-club activities, such as Club Days, Boishakhi Melas, etc. Clubs vary from term-to-term. ULAB is a proud and active member of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program.

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ULAB Clubs

Adventure Club
To provide a platform for ULAB communities to get together and engage themselves with challenging activities which will help them to know about tourism status of Bangladesh and instill skills among themselves for their personal and professional life.
ULAB Art and Photography Club
ULAB Art and Photography Club will arrange art workshops, art talks/seminars, creative works such as Alpana during 21 February or Pohela Boishakh, Art exhibitions at ULAB and/or out of ULAB premises, as well as arrange inter-University art exhibitions/competitions and invite famous artists at ULAB during events.
ULAB Business Club
To provide a platform for business communities and professionals to get together and to provide support and guidance to ULAB students in various aspects related to studying, grooming and doing business in Bangladesh.
ULAB Computer Society
ULAB Computer Society is a club of IT-savvy ULABians. It hopes to be a club, where students interested in technologies can share their knowledge and be benefited from each other by collaboration. ULAB ComSoc is also keen to provide a platform for developing leadership skills.
ULAB Debating Club
To enhance the intellectual capacity of the club members through making them gather information, develop better understanding of the society and civilization; exchange organized views in personal and collective levels in the modes of public speaking, dialogues and debates of various formats. The club will train up the members to improve their faculties of logical thinking and critical reasoning as well as to sharpen the skills of presentation and communication.
ULAB Electronics Club
The mission of the club is to bring the students out of their rooms and to expose them to the challenges awaiting them in the field of circuit design and hardware analysis. We not only aim at providing you with the basic knowledge of electronics but also help you to use the basic concepts to come up with something constructive and useful for the society. With this aim, we conduct lecture series, workshops and also assign projects to students and this cannot be possible without interest of the teachers of ETE Dept.
ULAB Field Sports Club
The Field Sports Club at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh is comprised mainly of the Cricket and Football teams, but it may also include any other field-based sports as per the request of the students. Field Sports Club is formed by students who are motivated by a common interest and desire to participate in field-based sports activities. More broadly, participants can learn new skills, improve existing skills, engage in competition, or enjoy recreational and social fellowship. Field Sports Club is dedicated to the active participation of all ULAB students, both male and female, in sports.
ULAB Film Club
ULAB Film Club is devoted to develop a true cinematic culture at the university premise. It provides a platform to the ULABians to learn how to understand film and sometimes the crafts of filmmaking. It also provides students an opportunity to exhibit their own film. UFC seeks to promote dialogue between/among the film practitioners and scholars.
ULAB Indoor Games Club
Improve and coordinate the state of all types of indoor games at ULAB: Table Tennis, Carom, Ludo, Chess, Checkers, Computer Gaming, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Uno, Monopoly, Skipping, Indoor Football, Indoor Cricket, etc.
ULAB Language Club
The mission of the Language Club is to foster the learning of the English language and its culture through its semester-wise scheduled language program. Thus students can learn to communicate and co-operate with each other. Our aim is to enrich the lives of the students learning English in our unique environment and develop our students’ learning skills which will be of lifelong value. Through the interesting English language programs, the Language Club offers natural learning to potential students of the University in acquiring command of academic English.
ULAB Media Club
The ULAB Media Club is an organization where students who are interested in mass media can experience and learn about the fascinating world of media. A ULAB Media Club member gets the opportunities to become aware of and get involved with mass communication. The vision of ULAB Media Club is to stimulate student interest in mass media or mass communication. The mission of ULAB Media Club is to provide students with opportunities to develop their leadership skills and to foster a spirit of cooperation and unity among students, faculty, and others.
ULAB Nutrition and Wellness Club
INGENAES, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne and BIID has built a partnership with the the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) under which a nutrition club was formed so that the young students can be trained and deployed as volunteer change agents in building awareness among different segments of population and sharing knowledge, especially in the rural areas through voluntary engagement.
ULAB Shangskriti Shangshad
To be the most preferred club at ULAB for cultural activities.
ULAB Social Welfare Club
Selima Quader Chowdhury Lecturer GED
Theatre ULAB
To build a strong and dedicated theater team; to experiment with different types of theater techniques; to promote the culture of Bangladeshi theater; and to create social awareness about different social and critical issues. Our vision is to get recognition nationally, internationally.
ULAB Sustainable Development Club
ULAB Sustainable Development Club (USDC) is unique in its diverse interests to develop creative, balanced, achievable solutions to the physical and social challenges facing society. We see the interconnected nature of the ‘sustainability challenge’ as central to our work; we attempt—through our projects, seminars, field trips, and ongoing working groups—to better understand the connections between environment, economic prosperity, and social justice.
Social Movement Against Corruption
ULAB Literary Society
To encourage the exploration of different literary and cultural practices across different genres, mediums of expression, and branches of knowledge.
ULAB Rotaract Club
The Mission of Rotaract Club is to provide an opportunity for young men and women to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities, and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.
ULAB Model United Nations Association
Promote awareness and understanding of the United Nations (UN) international Politics, and diplomacy through the participation of members of the organization in model UN conferences making the students an active citizen with academic excellence.
Digital Marketing Club
Since its inception on the 14th of May, 2020, ULAB Digital Marketing Club(UDMC) has come a long way despite adversities as extreme as a world pandemic. UDMC recruits new members every semester and consistently comes up with new seminars, workshops, and events that inspire participation and a knack for digital marketing. Revered business and tech icons have lent their time to provide insight into the world of digital marketing.
ULAB 1971 History Club
Our vision is to perceive the essence of the 1971 liberation war to encourage our students to become more accountable citizens.
ULAB Kaleidoscope Club
The ULAB Kaleidoscope Club, an initiative of the Center for Enterprise and Society (CES) is a student-led club dedicated to promoting cultural diversity, fostering inclusivity, and breaking barriers within the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) community.

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